Part of HIS connect® Solar Wiring System

HISbox® DC CombinerPower Plant

Your benefits:
  • Optimized solutions, tailor-made to your plant requirements
  • High level of safety through high quality, perfectly matched components
  • Increase the plant cost effectiveness by heating tests carried out in our test laboratory
    to check the best configurations during operation

High stability and reliability fitting for challenging project realisation. High impact resistance, high IP protection rating, door lock, integrated canopy, stainless steel mounting lugs with an integrated pressure equalisation element (prevents a build-up of condensation). UV and ozone stable, perfectly suited to outdoors.

Protection against lightning and voltage surge

Lightning and voltage surge arrestors for 2 pole isolated DC systems 1500V DC with remote signalling contact, temperature monitored protection elements and optical display for status monitoring fitted to the unit. Increase your plant security and reduce potential loss of productivity. Moreover, the replacement of components is very costly. Finally, with this, you will fulfil possible requirements of the financing banks, investors and insurance companies.

String protection

As well as the requirements of the product standard, the specific requirements of the plant must be taken into account. Both the protection of the linked system components and the use of the correct temperature coefficients must be taken into account. HIS has checked numerous configurations in its own test laboratory because a half job does not provide complete plant protection.


DC isolators are designed for safe switching particularly when there are difficult switch off conditions in photovoltaic plants without affecting safety, efficiency and simplicity. The manually operated isolators are a cost-effective and reliable solution for the most diverse areas, especially where there are high ambient temperatures.

Power Supply

DC-DC converter, which has advantages such as high efficiency, high reliability and high safety isolation. This DC-DC converter provides a stable operating voltage for the load device. Its multiple protection features can enhance the safety performance of the module power supply and the load under abnormal working conditions.


Optimize your revenue by using high quality measurement technology. The identification of residual images is therefore enabled on string levels. On the one hand, this reduces the maintenance costs and at the same time, increases the operational reliability and cost effectiveness of your plant.


String input 8–32
DC main cable 1–2
Rated voltage (Ue) 1000V DC or 1500 V DC
Rated current In per string ≤ 25 A
Max. rated current (InA) ≤ 630A
Safety class (acc. IEC 61140) II, insulated
DC Input  
Termination Connection on fuse-holder or terminal clamp
Cable feedthrough Cable gland or built-in connectors (MC4, Amphenol, Weidmüller, Phoenix Contact, TE PV4S)
DC output and termination  
Termination M8-M12, directly ion loadbreak switch or bolt terminal
Cable gland Black; UV-stabile up to M75
Earthing connection Optionally M20 (Ø 6mm to 13mm)
Protection and switchgear  
Surge arrester In = 15kA; Imax = 40A (valid for Type 2 or Type 1+2)
Fuse links gPV Fusing plus and/or minus pole
(acc. IEC 60269-6)  
Loadbreak switch Multiple pole load break switch
(acc. IEC 60947-3; 60364-4-410; -7-712)  
String monitoring (optionally)  
Measurement system Shunt-Sensors or Hall-Sensores; Current: single string or multiple string
Measuring accurancy ≤0,5%
Communication RS485 (Modbus) or wireless
Power supply External cable or DC/DC converter 1000V/24V or 1500V/24V
Material Glass-fibre reinforced Polyester (GRP); UV- and ozone stabile
Description Incl. anti-pressure ventile; mounting bracktes in stainless steel
Protetcion casas (IEC 60529) Up to IP65 (comepletely wired, closed case)
Impact resistance (IEC62262) IK10 
Operation and enviromental conditions  
Ambient temperature -20° C to max. +55° C
Installation Indoor and outdoor
Relative Humidity Indoor: Max. 50% at +40° C, max. 90% at +20° C (not condensating)
Outdoor application: temporarily up to 95% at +25° C (not condensating)
Altitude above sea level (MLS) Standard 2000m above, max. 4000m (DEARTING applies)
Standards IEC61439-2