Part of HISconnect® Solar Wiring System


Your benefits:
  • Fulfils all the required functions for network and plant protection from the energy supply companies
  • As well as the control unit, it incorporates two remotely controllable 4-pole isolation points well and the associated components
Order No. AC-Performance (max.) Rated current Supply monitoring relays Housing types - dimensions  HxWxD
HNA-033-0-A001 33 kVA 50A  CM-UFD.M31 610x448x160 mm
HNA-061-0-A001 61 kVA 88A CM-UFD.M31 800x800x300 mm
HNA-077-0-A001 77 kVA 110A  CM-UFD.M31 800x800x300 mm
HNA-099-0-A001 99 kVA 144A CM-UFD.M31 800x800x300 mm
HNA-0138-0-A001 138 kVA 200A CM-UFD.M31 800x800x300 mm
HNA-0220-0-A001 220 kVA 320A CM-UFD.M31 1200x1000x400 mm

HISbox® Grid and Plant Protection takes over all the functions for grid and plant protection required by the power supply company in your PV plant. HISbox® Grid and Plant Protection includes the control unit, two remotely controllable 4 pole disconnection points and the corresponding components. The completely pre-wired switchgear assemblies are connected between the mains connection point and the inverter.