Part of HIS connect® Solar Wiring System


Your benefits:
  • Easy and quick installation for efficient and smooth commissioning
  • The most modern welding technology guarantees minimum transfer losses by bundling the DC output on the cable
  • Reduction of DC cables
  • Flexible splitter concept to meet your requirements


Cable HIKRA® solar cable H1Z2Z2-K acc. EN50618; Minimum length between splitters and connector: 160mm
Termination of splitter Monitored resistance welding process
Molding Specialized compound; UV-stabile 
Connector Inter alia without or with MC4, MC-EVO2, Amphenol H4, Amphenol UTX, Phoenix Contact Sunclix,
Hosiden HSC
Options Optionally: Including String-diodes or Inline-fuses (Please refer to specific technical characteristics)
Nominal voltage 1500V DC
Max. current ampacity Without connectors, Single layed, free in air at 90°C: 4,0mm²→ 39,5 A; 6,0mm² -> 49,7 A; 10,0mm² -> 69,58 A* acc. IEC 60364-5-52.
IP-class of cable splitter IP65/68 (1m/24h) (Take note of connector´s IP-protection!)
Contact resistance of HISkon splitter without connector ≤ 0,1mΩ
Protection class II (reinforced Insulation) acc. IEC 61140
Flame class Self-extinguishing UL94-V2
Temperature range Ambient temperature -40° C to +90°C (without mechanical impact)
HISkon® splitter family

With low planning costs, you will receive machine manufactured
string array harnesses of the highest quality.

Innovative manufacturing technology

By using the most up-to date welding technology, you will achieve an optimal switching with minimal contact resistance. Thanks to high quality insulation materials, our splitters are also suitable for outdoor applications.

Data Sheets

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HISkon®U-Splitter with inlinefuse

Your benefits:
  • Increase the RoI by reduction of the acquisition costs and shorter installation times
  • The possibility of cable reduction through individual optimization concepts
Modul/WR Item number Voltage Connector Polarity Fuse-link
EVO2 / EVO2 U-SPLITTER0001 1500V DC EVO2 FFM gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0002 1500V DC EVO2 MMF gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0003 1500V DC EVO2 FFM -
  U-SPLITTER0004 1500V DC EVO2 MMF -
MC4 / MC4 U-SPLITTER0007 1500V DC MC4 FFM gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0008 1500V DC MC4 MMF gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0011 1000V DC MC4 FFM gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0012 1000V DC MC4 MMF gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0009 1000V DC MC4 FFM -
  U-SPLITTER0010 1000V DC MC4 MMF -
Weidmüller / Weidmüller U-SPLITTER0013 1500V DC WM4 FFM gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0014 1500V DC WM4 MMF gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0015 1500V DC WM4 FFM -
  U-SPLITTER0016 1500V DC WM4 MMF -
Sunclix  /Sunclix U-SPLITTER0017 1500V DC Sunclix FFM gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0018 1500V DC Sunclix MMF gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0019 1500V DC Sunclix FFM -
  U-SPLITTER0020 1500V DC Sunclix MMF -
TE PV4-S / UTX U-SPLITTER0022 1500V DC PV4-S-PV4-S-UTX FFM gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0023 1500V DC PV4-S-PV4-S-UTX MMF gPV 15A (10x85)
T4 (Canadian Solar) / EVO2 U-SPLITTER0026 1500V DC T4-T4-EVO2 FFM gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0027 1500V DC T4-T4-EVO2 MMF gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0028 1500V DC T4-T4-EVO2 FFM -
  U-SPLITTER0029 1500V DC T4-T4-EVO2 MMF -
TS4 (TRINA) / EVO2 U-SPLITTER0030 1500V DC TS4-TS4-EVO2 FFM gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0031 1500V DC TS4-TS4-EVO2 MMF gPV 15A (10x85)
  U-SPLITTER0032 1500V DC TS4-TS4-EVO2 FFM -
  U-SPLITTER0033 1500V DC TS4-TS4-EVO2 MMF -

HISkon®E-Splitter with inlinefuse

Modul/WR Item number Voltage Connector Polarity Fuse-link
EVO2 / EVO2 E-SPLITTER0001 1500V DC EVO2 FFFM gPV 15A (10x85)
  E-SPLITTER0002 1500V DC EVO2 MMMF gPV 15A (10x85)
MC4 / MC4 E-SPLITTER0018 1000V DC MC4 FFFM gPV 15A (10x38)
  E-SPLITTER0019 1000V DC MC4 MMMF gPV 15A (10x38)
  E-SPLITTER0011 1000V DC MC4 FFFM -
  E-SPLITTER0012 1000V DC MC4 MMMF -