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Systems. Components. Services.for connecting & wiring of pv plants

When it comes to wiring and interconnecting PV plants and power plants, leading companies in the PV industry rely on tailor-made ready-to-plus solutions from HIS.

system components for pv wiring

All-in-One Systemfor PV professionals

Whether high quality single components, pre-assembled solar cables or individually developed string boxes: the cabling and switch system HIS CONNECT® has everything that plant operators, installers and service specialists need for cabling, switching and repairing of solar plants, including the safety you would wish for in your work.

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Engineering & Support for PV Projects

Service plusfor your PV project

HISconnect PLUS® stands for comprehensive service in the planning, design and co-ordination of PV projects, including the provision of the appropriate cabling and switching components. Everyone involved in the PV project benefits: investors, plant operators and developers as well as EPC and O&M businesses.

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1 Brand.
1000 Possibilities.

  • Designed with high quality components.
  • Designed to individual requirements.
  • Tested for high plant availability.
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industry solution

perfectly tailoredto your needs

We have worked hard for almost 20 years, to improve the cabling and connecting of solar plants. This is better for the installer, better for the operator and better for the environment. The result of our work is installation-friendly and sustainable solutions which also set the benchmark with regard to cost effectiveness.

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HIKRA®Solar cable

The comprehensive cabling solution for international successful EPC and Installation companies which expect more from their suppliers.

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Reduce costs. Raise profit.

Your best choice for First Solar

HIS CONNECT PLUS®The wiring solution for First Solar Series 6

Thanks to pre-assembled cable harnesses, produced partly automated, delivered ready for installation, you reduce assembly time on site to a minimum. Manual assembly, costly cable waste and time-intensive troubleshooting belong to the past..

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